Talk comments

Best tech talk of the whole conference in my book.

Loved the overview over the architecture and what graph search made possible.

The speaker was well spoken, clear and fun.

This was, completely out of the blue, the best talk at the whole conference.

Inspiring, fast paced and delivered in such a humble fashion.

Loved the prerecord videos. So much better than a talk filled with live demos as it allowed to much though the points why more quickly and a steady pace.

Should I ever need to make a complex life demo at some I'll adapt this way over trying to do it live.

Very solid presentation. Nothing much do add

Loved the real world examples and the presentation style.

The emphasis on when it makes sense to do a particular thing and when it might not was a great addition to an already amazing presentation

Great talk. I was able to take away a lot of interesting points from it.

I quite enjoyed the Keynote Joe gave instead. Given the short time to prepare he did and amazing job.

One note though: As Joe mentioned "An opening Keynote sets the tone for the whole conference" and it was touching on all the right points, except the one where threads of violence where issued against people misbehaving. I couldn't tell if they where meant "jokingly"/"as over exaggeration to drive home a point".

While I could appreciate the sentiment I felt it devaluted the matter at hand and it mead me really uneasy. I don't expect to be threated at conferences.

Anonymous at 13:34 on 26 Apr 2013

Really interesting talk, and Chaitanya is a very engaging speaker.

Great presentation skill and very motivational, but I pretty much disagree with all of the content.

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