Talk comments

Very good advice, im new here on the talks, but here is my own project:

Will keep reading! Keep up the good work.

James Grumish at 07:53 on 29 Aug 2018

Your session was very well prepared. I'm believe that you speak at a number of events (but was first keynote?), and it shows in your outline and pacing. Standout: as important to be smart as it is to be helpful.

James Grumish at 07:44 on 29 Aug 2018

Extra drink ticket made my day.

James Grumish at 07:42 on 29 Aug 2018

Yeah, the sticker table was a nice touch.

Ellen Goodwin at 16:30 on 28 Aug 2018

I took several pages of notes and went home and shared them with my husband. Definitely couldn't have been more timely for us. My favorite quote was "We don't have to be together all the time, but we do have to be together well." Thank you for the great talk!

Dan Lacine at 19:37 on 27 Aug 2018

Michelle was OK, but she seemed pretty intellectual, read her formal script and didn't connect well with the audience.

Dan Lacine at 19:36 on 27 Aug 2018

Good job. Smooth registration and you asked for my first name. -That made an impression!

Ben May at 17:50 on 27 Aug 2018

Really good talk. Good things to take onboard for anyone sharing their life with someone and a business at the same time.

Scott DeLuzio at 11:56 on 27 Aug 2018

I'm probably behind the curve a bit, but as a technical user, it was great learning about where content is stored and what happens "behind the scenes" with Gutenberg.

Scott DeLuzio at 11:54 on 27 Aug 2018

I've struggled with branding in the past and I walked away with some valuable (and actionable) advice from this talk.