The July WordPress London Meetup has us talking about customer relations and shipping in WooCommerce.

Thursday 27th July 2017

Arrive for networking and refreshments (30 minutes)

Arrive for networking and refreshments.

Opening Remarks
Event Related by Gary Jones (10 minutes)

Welcome, community announcements etc.

Don't lose your steam! How to deal with unhappy customers
Talk by Stefania (35 minutes)

No matter if your product, business plans or plugin is functional and well crafted: there comes a time where a user or client knocks at your door, and they aren’t happy at all with you. Supporting users is not an easy job, not to mention when they’re angry or upset, and this can affect your emotional and professional balance. In this presentation I’m going to share some useful tips and tricks I deploy when dealing with upset customers, to turn them into potential happy users. I’ll also share my advice on how to maintain an assertive and positive attitude when things go south. This talk aims to all the people who can possibly interact with users and are looking to fine-tune their customer support skills.

Talk by Birgit Olzem, Dan Maby (20 minutes)

An open discussion on the latest from WordPress.

Splitting Shipping based on shipping class in WooCommerce
Talk by Diane Wallace (35 minutes)

Up until WooCommerce 2.1, each order had to be shipped via a single method with a single price. This changed in 2.1 and WooCommerce now allows each package to be quoted and shipped individually. This means we can manipulate the basket and split the order based on the shipping method, then each package can be marked to ‘ship via’ a method of your choosing. This is useful if certain packages can only be shipped by certain methods. In this talk I will show how you can split your shipping into different "packages" and treat each package in a different way.

Closing remarks
Event Related by Annabelle Woodger (10 minutes)

Round-up of the event, and details of the social.

Social (2 hour)

Head to The Peasant, a pub just around the corner from the venue: 240 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PH