Cranking Nginx up to 11


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Really good overview of the nginx with some really handy tips.

Incredibly informative and engaging talk. I consider myself a fairly advanced nginx user, and I still learned quite a bit. Thank you.

Anonymous at 10:46 on 24 Oct 2012

Awesome talk. Would have loved to see some "benchmarks" or stats about the speedups.

Very good overview of Nginx with a lot of examples providing direction on how to dig into the technology. Also provided solid direction for further exploration.

We already use nginx, but there were quite a few great tips in here. Great talk.

Helgi did a great job at making things easy to understand even for a beginning user. Also provided some great tips about how to get started with nginx. Can't wait to dive more into this.

Very good talk! Thank you.

A little too much ssl (at least now I know that I don't know anything about ssl :)

Great talk! Would have loved to hear more about the Memcache/MySQL/MongoDB stuff - seems really interesting. Benchmarks for a memcache read from nginx vs a simple PHP app would have been awesome.

Awesome talk with an engaging speaker! Would loved swapping out time used on SSL with more examples on what you can do directly towards Redis/memcached/etc.

Great overview of nginx.