Build Secure Applications with Zend Framework 2


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Was a very detailed and in depth session about security in ZF2 and best practices in general.

Great info.

Anonymous at 16:02 on 8 Oct 2013

Good job. Inreresting talk.

Where's the free beer ?

valuable information, speaker can easily simplify complex concepts

Anonymous at 17:56 on 8 Oct 2013

Enrico, your talk was to the point. I really liked it. Where could I find your slide?

Excellent information on a complex topic, cryptography and related security issues is an always much needed and tricky piece that everyone has to address sometime. How many times have you had to deal with user logins or other secure data issues?

Very much enjoyed this session. I have been tasked with upgrading the password hashing and encrypt/decrypt functionality in my ZF applications and this talk went a long way in making this easier. Very well presented.

Anonymous at 09:02 on 9 Oct 2013

Excellent overview of ZF2 security features/tools. Enrico also provided real world code samples that highlighted the ease of implementing data encryption in ZF2, and some great background on the cryptology behind ZF2. The explanation of MD5's susceptibility to a brute force attach provided useful real world context for his talk, and driving home the importance of keeping up on ever evolving best practices.

Fantastic, speaker really had command of the subject. Really liked hearing how internals were written for bcrypt

Nice job, but would like to see more about Zend\Permissions

Thorough! also encouraging to know that ZF2 security ican be trusted enough to be resistant.

Excellent talk on security in Zend and security in general.

Useful information about building secure website even if you don't use Zend framework. Of course he showed how trivial it is with send because they take care of the painful details.

Pretty useful, but not particularly ZF2 specific. More focus on applying the techniques within the framework would have made it even more interesting.