DevOps automation: CI and Deployment with Jenkins


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Will you provide slides please, thanks.

The session gave a great overview of using Zend Server for deploying to large clusters, but I would have loved to see was to accomplish this without relying on Zend Server, but hey Slavey is a Zend employee at a Zend conference, so thats to be expected. :P

Interesting topic, but it could have been a little more engaging.

Very informative session

Hoping Jenkins can help me deploy with more confidence. A good overview of how I need to get started.

Anonymous at 13:33 on 8 Oct 2013

Great talk! Enjoyed the overview at first, but the talk perhaps got a little too detailed with the step by step commands. More discussion of abstract concepts and best practices around Jenkins and CI would be nice - there was time left over. I would also like the slides.

A very high-level overview of DevOps with a "Click Deploy, See how easy that was" demonstration of Jenkins, Phing, and Zend Server.

Didn't really get into the actual usage of Jenkins other than a simple high level over view. I felt the presentation was good but it was more of an introduction/beginners view.

Anonymous at 13:42 on 8 Oct 2013

Somewhat highlevel view of using jenkins and how that helps in automating your processes. Wish it got into a bit more advanced topic areas.

Good overview of the CD process with jenkins and Zend server. Unfortunately went over a lot of the same ground as was covered in the morning keynote. Would have been nice to see options that didn't require Zend Server, or at least some resources so we could look into it ourselves.

As others mentioned, options not using zend server would have been nice, but a zend employee presenting at a zend conference on a subject described as automation using Jenkins and zend server kind of gives that away up front. The process was impressive and even if you don't use zend server I feel like you could take away a lot and introduce those concepts into your own processes and environment. Definitely a nice introduction on the subject at hand.

Generally a pretty good and informative session, focusing on the Zend Server features which were covered in the keynote demo earlier. It ran a bit short — would have enjoyed the spare time being utilized to go a bit more into the non-Zend-Server side of things.

I enjoyed the talk and gave good insight into CD with zend server, I would have liked to see a little more depth.

Interesting Talk.

You can download the presentation from here:

He didn't keep my attention. Very slow intro.

Useful information -- was intrigued by the zs-client phar file; it will definitely help build out my CI solution.