Socket Programming with PHP


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Anonymous at 09:19 on 9 Oct 2013

So crowded in here.. very education session

Too bad we had to stand, great talk, very educational

Very good, detailed information on using sockets. I particularly liked finding out what the pitfalls of sockets are.

I liked it a lot. I haven't touched sockets in a long time and now feel compelled to in PHP...

I liked it a lot. I haven't touched sockets in a long time and now feel compelled to in PHP...

Thanks for the talk. Very informative.

Anonymous at 11:24 on 9 Oct 2013

Excellent, excellent talk. Fun to listen too, and very dynamic as well. The speaker is exceptionally knowledgable.

Could the slides get posted?

Anonymous at 12:04 on 9 Oct 2013

Great information

Wow, you are a Ninja. I have never heard anybody properly explain **all** of the advantages and pitfalls of php level socket communication so well.

I have been programming sockets for low level secure server communication since php4 and I actually learned something new; Thank you.

Excellent job.

Please post the slides so I can show the rest of my team.

I enjoyed the session very much.

It was an informative session on sockets usage in PHP. What I was expecting but didn't get (and would suggest to the lector for the next time, if I may) is more attention on the web sockets and a practical example of the usage, using the presented / proposed php and js libraries.

I would like to note that Elisabeth is a fun speaker, I enjoyed her speaking style.

Excellent presentation

Incredible and informative talk as always.

Very informative presentation, but some real world examples might help solidify the information.

good overview; wish you'd spent more time on web sockets

Well done, thanks for all the great information!

Good talk, but would have liked a few more code examples

Would have loved to see more focus on use cases, websockets in actual production and similar, and maybe remove some history to make room for that.

Very nice talk!

Good background, but a small demo would have been useful.

Very informative presentation that started from the essential basics and history before wrapping up with high-level PHP APIs. I'll agree with above requests for more code examples. There were a handful in the middle of the deck, but this is a subject where folks are probably going to go back and refer to your slide deck for reference.

Also, while the entire slide deck had a consistent theme, many of the code examples looked to be images captured from an editor (with various styles). Those can probably be tidied up or changed to actual formatted text.