Steps Toward Modernizing a Legacy Codebase


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Very good speaker with great ability to read a crowd. Content is a good path to take and seems to be a dead ringer for the code I'm stuck working with.

I appreciated the talk and some of it made sense but most of it was WAY over my head. We have horrible legacy spaghetti code. We have no classes tons of includes and even few functions. I was hoping this presentation would be for geared towards relative beginners but there didn't seem to be much practical advice unless you have a great deal of experience with moving code to classes. How to convert to classes is the big missing step for me. Maybe I can try to give the mentioned books a read to see if they shed some light on the subject.

The speaker did a good job of covering the overall approach -- including enough detail to be interesting -- in the short time allotted. I enjoyed the talk.

Paul, thank you for sharing this fantastic presentation. The combination of real-world examples with a solid background in the theory of how we got to where we are with our legacy codebases was truly insightful. It engaged our tech teams, our partners, and even our CEO who attended as well ;)

Though not the purpose, also served as a great introduction of frameworks / the value of frameworks.

Great presentation. I heard some very useful approaches to abstract problems in real-world situations.
Thanks Paul.

Excellent. This talk made the entire con worthwile!

Drew LeSueur at 23:03 on 28 Oct 2014

Well structured talk. I liked the example code that showed the wrong way to write PHP. We can all relate. I liked that you focused on a few very practical (and simple) steps to start refactoring.
I also liked how you shared reasons for not rewriting the whole thing.

I wanted to hear some spy stories though :)

Great talk. Paul supplied easy to read and follow code examples and had a great start to finish progression of his idea that just made sense.

This was a fantastic talk, full of completely reasoned and logical advice. I appreciated not only the goal being set, but the pragmatic approach of easing into the transition with baby steps of small achievable goals, knowing that you can't do it all in one day but can continue to build on each small success.

If you're stuck with a crappy PHP codebase and you're sick of fighting it every day, you've come to the right place! The book this talk was sourced from (Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP) has become the essential resource I lean on when approaching legacy application upgrades. Even though I had used the book prior to seeing the talk, having the speaker walk us through the process step by step really helped hammer home the point that deliberately small, incremental improvements add up over time to modernize your application in-place, and gives you the necessary tools to get started right away.

Drowning in legacy code. Great inspiration in moving to a more maintainable code base.