Opening Keynote


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Very cool bit of technology you guys have created. I'm excited to try it out and see about potentially re-introducing ZS into our stack.

This is pretty much a sales pitch for Zend. If ZendCon was free I would be fine with them try to get us to buy all of their products, but its far from free.

Pretty awesome we got TWO (almost) free passes to use Z-Ray. Wasn't thrilled about all the pro-business-ambiguous-buzzwords.

Was excited originally just to see more about the latest innovations from Zend Server 7, but was overjoyed to get a glimpse into the upcoming features of Zend Server 8!

Anonymous at 13:50 on 28 Oct 2014

Did not like being pitched Zend products that much. If this is the premier professional PHP event, talk more about the state of PHP and development in general. Inspire us and motivate us towards continuing to be better developers. The Keynote is a great opportunity which is lost when audience tunes out to marketing/sale oriented talks about Zend products.

Anonymous at 17:16 on 28 Oct 2014

Engaging, but being a non user of Zend products felt out of place.

A State-of-the-PHP talk would be much better as an opening keynote.

ZS ZRAY could be a breakthrough. Anticipating to see it rolled out in the South East Asia.

The technology presented was pretty cool, but the sales pitch it was wrapped in was pretty tedious.

The two satisfied customers seemed like nice enough guys, but their presence didn't add anything.

Nice to see news from Zend, but I'd expect the keynote to be more generic, not a product presentation.

Anonymous at 16:11 on 29 Oct 2014

Great talk, got me really excited about ZRay!

This was a product showcase, not a keynote. Zray does look useful, but I'd have preferred a shorter keynote and more actual breakouts.

While we don't currently use Zend Server as part of our Production infrastructure, I fully enjoyed the showcase of Z-Ray and intend to try to work it into my Development workflow. I liked the fact that it was a live demo of the product and not just a series of slides and marketingspeak. Well done, Andi.