PHPNG - a new core for PHP7


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Was a good, very deep dive into the next gen of PHP. Dmitry was a little hard to understand at times, but had plenty of slides to help overcome that.

Anonymous at 10:28 on 29 Oct 2014

Interesting talk, a bit over my head at times which was fine, what made it harder was the language barrier, perhaps speaking slightly slower would have helped

Anonymous at 10:28 on 29 Oct 2014

I could honestly not understand what the speaker was saying. His english did not seem very strong and his accent was very thick

This was a VERY advanced talk; I was completely unprepared for it. It was informative, but I wish we could have seen something more than the benchmark results -- maybe an example of something running on current PHP code vs HPHPc code vs PHPNG code.

I guess this was the most advanced talk of the conference. Nothing bad about that, but because of the complex subject, being clear and understandable is a hard requirement.

Keep working on that to get your message across! Apart from that, good explanation of what is being done on the internals of PHP.

Interesting talk; Looks like there is some good refactoring of low level types that will benefit us greatly.

Your speech was very intelligent and well presented, just try practicing your pronunciation a bit.

Thank you.

The information was excellent and well organized and a lot of what I really wanted to see about internals and the changes in PHP7

But this was definitely a PHP internals talk and I think not accurately described as such in the abstract.

Also sometimes it was hard to understand, but overall a great overview of the changes made.

Good low-level overview of the changes in PHPNG

Very deep, informative talk. Topic only for people knowing the internals of PHP.

Was a nice talk..

Holy Cow, nuts-and-bolts level presentation. I didn't realize just how under-the-covers this would be before sitting in, but the information was really interesting. Thanks for presenting!

Great technical talk. Dimitri was hard to understand, he do speak really fast. However the slides where well presented and made up for it.

I didn't come to this talk :( (my mistake). Can you please upload your slides ? thank you

Interesting topic. Far from every-day work, though I use PHP :) Good to know in details about future of PHP. Interesting comparison of PHPNG and HHVM.