Programmers Can UX Too


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Loved the talk. I must admit I was expecting some css tricks, but I am still happy with the perspective you've given.

Great talk. The presenter had great energy and stories.

Anonymous at 15:55 on 28 Oct 2014

talk took too long to get to the meaty stuff: would have been better to have much less time spent on "why UX is important" and more time on "this is how to do better UX". speaker seemed distracted at times; she is a strong speaker with good delivery, but needs to stay focused on the topic. more examples of good UX design would have been nice. the slides were too wordy and did not have enough code or demos.

Like previous comment, I thought I'd learned a few css trick or any other "save a few click" tricks. That didn't happened. I got something really different though, new ways of thinking and approaching different people around me. The presenter was good, funny and very expressive. Kept my attention all the way through.

Fabulous talk. Very strong presenter with a good mix of serious and brevity. I was a big fan of the top-down style of the talk

I know that I am guilty of a lot of "I'll do it later" and "This is just for internal users" thinking. Implementing good UX is obviously the goal, but we're not going to get there unless we actually know how to think about it.

Anonymous at 17:14 on 28 Oct 2014

Unexpectedly high level, but the tone and real world stories helped the believability.

This talk was thought provoking and will help with future ux problems.

Drew LeSueur at 23:07 on 28 Oct 2014

I only caught the tail end of this talk, but I enjoyed the bit on saying "no" vs saying "yes, but".

Loved your presentation. very interactive and close to daily scenarios. Thumbs up

Great talk and great points. Kept me laughing considering I've experienced every scenario pointed out. It's easy to fall in to the 'it's good enough for internal users' mentality, but presenter gives very valid reasons to avoid the though patterns that promote that mindset. I enjoyed it very much.

disappointing slides were mostly just words which the speaker would read out loud. it would be much better to have examples and/or hands-on demos. speaker has a strong and engaging speaking voice, but could use a bit more polish.

Engaging talk, good if you are looking for arguments to convince your colleagues to engage more into UX. Lacked a bit on the "what does it mean 'better UX'", 'how to deliver better UX'.

Anonymous at 16:16 on 29 Oct 2014

Was great to hear that other backend devs have the same struggles I do. Was hoping a bit more as far as concrete strategies for ux that have worked.

Anonymous at 17:15 on 29 Oct 2014

While I also got the impression from the talk title that there would be more CSS/HTML/UX tricks to implement in the talk, I was still thoroughly impressed with the talk and received a lot of information that will assist me in working with a designer in our office. Thank you!

I admit I was hoping for more technical detail in the session, but the anecdotes were still engaging and the speaker has a really great storytelling style.

I loved the style of this talk and it was good to get some perspective on UX from another programmer.