Asynchronous API Interaction with Guzzle


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This session promised a lot. But we didn't need to wait for it to yield results.

Thanks Jeremy.
Very well done slides.
Great presentation of the information and great speaking skills. And funny.

My favorite part was understanding how "yield" works.
I also liked how you gave a good real-world example with Amazon S3 API

I think @Bobo wins the comments here, but this was an excellent talk. It made me want to go out and play with Guzzle 6 right away and had a really good explanation of coroutines which is a pretty complex topic. The session was very informative, funny, and had a real-world example of how to put together something that would be very complex (uploading very large files into S3) as well as setting up workflows that could be asynchronous for parts but still have real needs for data to be returned to use in later requests. Good stuff.

Fantastic presentation with incredible, applicable, approachable code examples to help drive the point home. I've always enjoyed using Promises, but admit that until this talk, I never fully understood Coroutines or the yield keyword. Now I do!!!

Very interesting. The presenter catch the attention at the start of the talk and kept it through the whole session.

Jeremy is a pied piper, leading you with promises of a wonderful experience if you only yield to the awesomeness of guzzle - and I followed. The last couple slides where a command is executed with surrounding authentication is truly awesome to me. There were a lot of new ideas and new programming constructs but I was convinced I understood and could use the tools to advantage.

Great Talk. Look forward to experimenting with Guzzle!

Anonymous at 12:33 on 22 Oct 2015

Excellent work.

Best session of the entire conference!