How to use SELINUX (No, I don't mean turn it off)


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Daniel at 11:30 on 20 Oct 2016

Fantastic presentation, very helpful and insightful

I was drawn to this talk specifically because the extent of my experience with SELinux is indeed simply figuring out how to turn it off. Unfortunately, it just didn't really sink in, but I think this talk has a lot of potential to be a very good talk on a very important topic. I hope the speaker will get some more feedback and make improvements.

The main issue that made it difficult for me to really grok this was the overall flow of the live demo. The speaker definitely knew what he was talking about and was very confident in what he was saying, but the flow of the demo felt a bit clunky. Things like Vagrant misbehaving a bit, the general pace, and so on. I might have had an easier time of this if I already had a good background on SELinux, but I assumed that knowing how to spell it and how to turn it off were the only prerequisites for this talk. Maybe I was mistaken?

I would definitely give this talk another shot if I did a little bit of research into SELinux on my own in order to go in having some context already. Just being able to have some better quality Q&A time with the speaker once I have a bit more background would be very valuable, even if I wouldn't be able to rate the talk higher next time.

Great info! Live demos always give some quirks, but hey, that's the beauty of them, right?
Maybe allowing a bit more hardware for the virtual machine would improve that part, the rest was very good.