This month, we are at Q agency. Come and join in for a few hours of talking about PHP and some food and drinks!

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Sell Behat tests to your boss or clients
Talk by Anka Bajurin Stiskalov (30 minutes)

When ever I read or talk about writing tests it seams that the biggest problem is of a financial nature. How will I write unit tests, acceptance tests, functional tests or any tests when the budget is small and deadline is tight. Or why should we care when client or boss doesn’t care? Behat tests seams to me the most easier to sell and I like to share that opinion with you. Slides:

Strangler pattern basics
Talk by Ivan Herak (30 minutes)

When approaching legacy code, we are often faced with a complicated application which we feel would be best to rewrite completely. However, this task can be time-consuming and with questionable outcome. Enter Strangler Pattern! Even though it is often combined with migration to microservices, I will also provide some more down-to-earth examples on how to use this pattern within your application.