We decided to get ZgPHP meetups on the road and this meetup will be first one: instead of MaMa, Trikoder will be our host.

Thursday 20th April 2017

Faster I/O on Docker for Mac. Fact or fiction?
Talk by Matija Martinić (30 minutes)

How long have you been hoping for Docker's team to fix slow volumes on Docker for Mac? Let me show you a real-life example - how to use docker-sync to make the volumes faster.

The Framework is Dead
Talk by Bruno Skvorc (45 minutes)

It is said developers go through four stages: No framework Use a framework. Write own framework. No framework. Once the cycle is complete, the developer is said to be ready. In this talk, we’ll go for stage 3, but replace it with stage 4. In other words, we’ll explain how to build our own framework, but from third party components, thus being immune to breaking changes, vendor lock, and other negative side effects of using popular frameworks.

Panel discussion: Frameworks
Talk by Bruno Skvorc, Goran Juric, Vedran Krizek, Miro Svrtan, Steve Tauber (25 minutes)

Motivated by Brunos talk, we are organizing a panel discussion on frameworks.