Phabricator is an open source system with many applications, code hosting and review being among the more popular ones. We will run through how simple it is to install, the various more prominent features and how they work, and wrap up with a Q&A backed by 6 years of experience using it and administering it.


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Miro Svrtan at 09:38 on 16 Mar 2018

I was really interested to see how phabricator works and what does it offer, Luka was pretty clear on that part, but I feel the flow/usage of the whole system was presented in a bit of a confusing way.

1) I guess 'gc' in CLI is an alias for 'git commit'
2) I guess 'gps' in CLI is an alias for 'git push'
3) jumping from menu to menu was hard to follow at times

I have a feeling Luka was trying to wing it instead of preparing the talk in a fluid way, which would make phabricator more appealing IMO. I understand the constraints of time for such a big project to show are tough but he did explain/motivate me enough to try it out (which I plan to do shortly).

I do hope speaker will continue spreading his passion for phabricator on other meetups/conferences as the tool looks really really nice!

I don't mind the laid-back approach and not pre-configuring anything (to show those steps also), but a little bit more preparation would have probably been beneficial to this talks since there were times when the presenter was trying to remember where things are and so on..
But, from my didn't-know-nothing-about-phabricator-before-the-lecture perspective, it was a pretty informative talk.

I liked the casual way of presentation. The theme was actually pretty interesting. The problem for me was that it seemed like the only person that can actually follow the talk is Luka. I get the idea behind this approach, but it feels like we spent too much time on configuring the system to actually get something interesting out of it. It might be a good idea to pre-configure it and share a document that lists possible setup problems.

Robert Šorn at 10:18 on 19 Mar 2018

A bit more preparation would do wonders to this talk.

When the hiccups with setup were overcome, the audiences' attention was back, and it became informative and interesting.

English and attitude, great as always. :)

To make it more attractive to newcomers this talk could be broken in two or more parts; one to present what Phabricator can do, and other to show how it achieves that.

It’s really great, sophisticated but somewhat conplex system that sould be carefully presented not to intimidate fellow developers and convince them why they need it :)

Mario Krvaric at 12:31 on 30 Mar 2018

Good talk, but many things can be improved. English was very fluent.
What do I suggest for such product overviews is little bit shorter talk with the more robust overview. More preparation would help to prevent l live demo. Also, looking for buttons and command line commands live demo isn't always a good idea to present something - little slideshow with wrapped up notes would show more in a less time.
One more thing: when presenting product it's a good idea to have arguments, show pros and cons, "I hate github" isn't good enough.

Nino Korent at 10:07 on 11 Apr 2018

Phabricator was an interesting talk held by Luka. The way it works and some of it's vast options have been explained in a clear way but I feel like the whole presentation was a bit messy and hard to follow sometimes because the flow wasn't consistent and was chopped up with a lot of "hm, I have to do this first then I can continue" moments and it broke the focus for me as a watcher.

I know the intention was to bring us the "real feel" of working with phabricator and I think it was accomplished, showing the snags we would usually encounter when first setting it up but perhaps it would been more beneficial if there was some sort of bullet list what we're trying to do in ordered steps so we can wrap our minds around it.

Nino Uzelac at 15:40 on 19 Apr 2018

A bit unprepared but otherwise interesting

Very interesting but unprepared.

Good talk. Got me into thinking about using it.