Scale Redis vertically and horizontally


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Nice and concise overview of scaling options in redis. One minor complaint is that the amount of code on screen might be confusing for people not familiar with the topic.

Very intereating idea. Could use little bit more meat on the first part of the talk so that it ties with examples better. Prepare some jokes if computer halts again.

Great topic, very good presentation. Thanks!

The talk could benefit from a bit more practice just for the sake of pronunciation (e.g. while I do agree "Predis" isn't a particularly good naming choice for a Redis client library, sometimes it was very unclear to which one you were referring).

I'd also either focus more on explaining the code itself or - even better - ditch the code altogether and simply provide a high-level overview with a few snippets instead of a full-blown example (which you can always publish on GitHub).

Very interesting talk about Redis cluster. As a community organizer I'm always happy to have our young generation in front of us!

Unfortunately Marijan hasn't prepared well, as not a native English speaker nervousness was really visible at some moments. I already saw him talk before (in much larger crowds too) I know he can do better and that is the only reason I'm giving 3* ...

Very interesting overview of scaling options in Redis.
Sometimes you go a bit to deep in technical things that are not so vital to represent the idea you are trying to show.
Practice speaking English!

You always have an interesting subject. :)