Talk comments

Tomo Šala at 13:57 on 14 Jun 2018

Great talk showcasing some of Marijan's latest work.

Tomo Šala at 13:55 on 14 Jun 2018

Nice talk, I'd say a bit thought provoking. Left the audience with some questions on how frameworks mostly force us to write code that's tightly coupled to the framework itself.

Tomo Šala at 13:53 on 14 Jun 2018

Nice talk, I learned some new tricks!

Only downside was the feeling that speaker was rushing through the talk a bit - almost storming through his talk, without fully explaining everything he was doing.

Interesting talk, I've started using Key Promoter and it works great. I wish there were more examples.

Some good advices on how to reduce the number of your tools. Some of it I already use but for some I will give it a shot. Presenter could have slowed it down a bit :)

Bruno Zorić at 09:39 on 17 May 2018

Really nice talk. I'm using key promoter since that day :)

Nino Uzelac at 13:50 on 5 May 2018

Great talk, I've never heard of Key Promoter, will definitely try it out to speed up my workflow.

Miro Svrtan at 13:55 on 3 May 2018

I believe this is a great subject to talk about but this talk fell short IMO :(

On one side, it was full of domain specific examples which were hard to follow (even for me and I used to work on that exact project some years ago) but key aspects like explaining C roles as 'single reason of change' were skipped :(

It was visible that Robert has the passion and knowledge but I guess he didnt have the time to rehearse the talk a bit more and be better prepared.

Miro Svrtan at 13:51 on 3 May 2018

Really nice talk! I would appreciate if demo time was bit more exhaustive cause there are millions of other shortcuts to show :)

Speaker was great, fluent in English!

Very solid (pun intended) presentation, with good visuals and analogies.