Talk comments

Great idea, and I believe that Vilim can do a much more from it. I' m expecting a full talk on this subject in the future.

The talk vas good and the presenter was well prepared. I wanted to hear more technical details. In the end, I consider their product interesting and will definitely take a look on GitHub. +1 for open source activities.

I believe this project deserves more than lightning talk and would like to hear more details in the future. How much is this project interesting, you could see by the discussion after the formal part of a meetup.

For me very interesting subject and the project behind it. I would like to hear more about it in the feature.

Good talk and interesting subject. Although most of us use migrations on a daily basis, I believe that there are a lot of people who do not use them and that this speech could be a good reference for them. It was also good to ask some questions and hear other experiences.

Goran Galinec at 17:38 on 7 Nov 2018

People lost interest in this presentation after a few minutes. It was not suited for a meetup like this. It would've been better to show us how they handled some technical challenges while working on the project.

Goran Galinec at 17:34 on 7 Nov 2018

It was a good talk with good examples. The way the Laravel does migrations seems a bit better to me in theory while in practise it might be different. Miro talked about "seeding" some minor data to the database and didn't mention how to approach the situation when you need a bit more data to simulate a real application -> such as generating a few thousands or more record in each of your tables and checking out how your app behaves then.

Tomo Šala at 23:15 on 25 Oct 2018

IMO this was a bit to much of a 'presentation style' talk, with no tech side.
Too much text and screenshots on the slides. Would have loved to see a live demo.
A bit monotonous presentation style.

Tomo Šala at 23:11 on 25 Oct 2018

This was a great and interesting topic that sparked a great discussion. And as always, Vilim had some slides :)

I believe this should be turned into a big live discussion with everyone participating, because this is one of those topics that's just great for knowledge and experience sharing

Tomo Šala at 23:08 on 25 Oct 2018

This was a nice little update to the status of Marjan's project that everyone seems to be excited about.
Since this was the last lighting talk and everyone was clearly tired already, things didn't go as smooth as usual with Marjan.

On the plus side - I'd really like Marjan to give a full talk on this subject, showing some more implementation details.