This month, we are at SofaScore, a place where Live Scores, Fixtures & Standings live. Come and join in for a few hours of talking about PHP and some food and drinks!

Thursday 28th November 2019

Scaling: from 0 to 20 million
Talk by Josip Stuhli (30 minutes)

A story of how our infrastructure (and our practices) evolved over time to accommodate an increasing number of users - from on-premise to cloud and back down. What we encountered on the way and how we solved it.

Deploy like there's no Friday
Talk by Ante Crnogorac (30 minutes)

Learn how to (ab)use deployer and deploy your staging and production sites like a boss. We'll go through: - install, configure and run a deployer from CLI - write some custom deploy jobs - rollback when things go sideways - ... - PROFIT