Talk comments

Good presentation. Finally somebody is moving the topic of needed mentoring in the role of Project Manager.

After that presentation im pretty sure, that Rowan is the one of the best speakers I ever saw. Perfectly prepared, lot of content, little humour. Only one "IT Managment" talk what I went to, and totally not regret it.

Practically, "Queues 101". One of the best slides theme I ever saw. Great content and explanations. -0.5 for demo problems.

Great reference for those, who thinks, that NoSQL === MongoDB. But Joe tried to put to many info into the slides considering timeslot. Which also can be a reason for lack of examples. And also, little info about NewSQL movement would be nice IMHO - just mention.

I planed to gave 3/5 rating, but let it be 3.75, because I was a little afraid, that talk will be Doctrine2 based, but it wasn't, which is good in that case :)

If Thijs' presentation could be called "Scalling webapps 101", this presentation should be 201. Great examples, great talking, great slides.

I don't like presentations, where we have just bulletpoints, and speaker reads from the slides. I went out in the middle of presentation. +2 for topic, and that would be all.

Quick introduction to basic methods for scalability - done just right. Minus - too much PHP (and that said by PHP developer)- it wasn't PHP track ;)

Thanks for the (great) reviews. We will take all your remarks into account for the next time we to this presentation. (see, even WE are learning from this! :))