Angular Day is the Italian event about Google's framework for single page applications: learn the latest tricks and technologies. Subscribe to the advanced Angular course the day before the conference.

Thursday 14th June 2018

Rated 5
DATA ARCHITECTURES in Angular, Redux e ngrx
Workshop by Fabio Biondi, Michele Stieven (8 hours)

Friday 15th June 2018

09:30 Il favoloso mondo di Angular (6)
Keynote by Fabio Biondi (30 minutes)
10:00 Gestire applicazioni di classe Enterprise con Angular 6 e Schematics
Talk by paolo galfione (1 hour)
11:30 Change Detection, Zone.js ed altri mostri
Talk by Francesco Sciuti (1 hour)
12:30 Angular Elements: da Angular ai Web Components
Talk by Michele Stieven (30 minutes)
14:30 The Jedi Path to Angular Universal
Talk by Michel Murabito (1 hour)
15:30 The pursuit of Quality
Talk by Jiayi Hu (1 hour)
17:00 Creare PWA con Angular 5 e Visual Studio Code
Talk by Emanuele Bartolesi (1 hour)