Talk comments

Holy crap this was a great talk. Inspired an exercise in language creation.

Great information. A bit to much like reading a manual though and would of loved to spend more time on new stuff vs the history lesson.

Amazing keynote and very inspiring with will, do today, advice.

Great detailed talk with lots of code examples.

Anonymous at 11:42 on 19 Aug 2013

This was the opening keynote for Nashville CoderFaire 2013. To put that in context Paul stood in front of a freshly caffeinated developers ready to get down and nerdy. Instead he started their morning with an introspective journey through some of the high impact things that happen when you're *not* coding. I'm not sure everyone in the room was prepared for this talk and that is what made it fantastic.

Awesome soft-skills talk. Great step-back-and-think perspective on issues that most techies rarely give much thought. Thanks Laurie

Absolutely, rianrainey. Two of the suggestions in the Brad Frost article I referenced in the presentation are to: 1. Treat Performance as Design and 2. Set a Performance Budget. These both deal with making it a priority across the entire team and communicating it clearly (and setting goals) up-front. I love this idea, especially when it comes to responsive sites. Here's the article:

I thought the event went really well, although I wish that more teams would have stayed! As for how the event was run and organized, I don't have many negative comments. The facility was great, the food was good (although perhaps a couple healthier options would have been nice), and the projects were very interesting.

I would wonder how we could get more of the attendees to stick around for the entire Hack Day though...

Thanks for the great comments all! I know this was a lot of content, and that meant I had to go through it very quickly. Any suggestions on where to pare down the material in order for me to speak slower and cover things more clearly?