Talk comments

It was great to have such an interactive element and to hear all the stories that clarify the questions of the attendees. Very well done.

I've seen the transition happen from the sidelines, so it was really interesting to now also get some information from the inside. A very interesting talk that gives me enough food for thought to last me a while.

It's impressive what WordPress does with documentation and this talk taught me that there's even more happening behind the scenes than you would think when just being a user of the documentation. Thanks for this great talk! I think anyone, WordPress or any other product, can make use of the lessons in this talk.

An excellent talk with a lot of interesting little facts. It is funny how things almost go full circle. Thanks for this one.

What an amazing talk. There is so much valuable information in here, and not just for those very senior people. This gives a good view as well for people that are aiming towards a more senior role on what to expect. Very valuable for everyone.

A very clear and understable talk on using HATEOAS/Hypermedia in an API, and also why you would want to do that. I'm going to be applying this immediately on a new API I'm working in

I've mentioned it in another talk review already, but I love talks that offer food for thought, and this one was definitely one of those. The good interaction between Tonya and Juliette made sure I kept my focus with the talk. Well done!

I've seriously never thought I would ever listen to someone talking for 30 minutes about lighting and be completely focussed and interested for the full talk. There are lots of take-aways from this talk. Will have to make some lighting investments in the near future I think.

I may not 100% agree with what has been said, this talk was really food for thought, which is always good in my book. It makes you think and inspires to (re)consider certain things. All of the information in this talk was brought in a very clear and understandable way.

Such a passion for the community, I literally felt that passion. I love it! This talk was well presented, with a clear vision. Thank you, excellent talk!