Talk comments

Nice talk Eli! Lessons in there for anyone who accepts content from users and wants them to vote on whether they like it or not.

Good overview. I knew more than I thought I did but still learned surprising things. As usual, great, well rehearsed presentation style.

Nice talk - it gave me the inspiration to start tracking performance on our site with random sampling, and the information in the talk will certainly help me analyze the data we got. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Interesting - thanks for sharing these tips with us!

Présentation très intéressante de l'application du kanban au développement logiciel. Ça m'a donné des idées pour le processus de développement dans notre équipe - merci!

Nice presentation. I don't think I'll run into a situation similar to the speaker's (200M entries to log daily) anytime soon, but this was a nice introduction to MySQL partitioning nevertheless. Good info.

This talk was very interesting and provided great information regarding alternatives to MySQL for different tasks. It will certainly help me in picking the right tool for the job.

It was my best talk at confoo. Good introduction and good tips at the same time.

Bonne conférence. Aurait aimer aller un peu plus loin mais je comprend le manque de temps en une heure!

This talk could have easily been 3 times as long and kept the audience riveted. We've been discussing many of the ideas in Solar internally so to see them all with so much more so well implemented was a bit of a shock. Definitely both a framework and speaker everyone can learn from.