Talk comments

Saw this talk at DPC10 and loved it very much. Even so much that I needed to see it again for which I'm glad I did. Wonderful job, it can't be easy talking to your pc, not having the actual crowd in front of you. She knows her stuff and that makes her not lose focus even when something like a slide is missing. Liz knows how to connect the dots and did it with the same aw[e]some enthusiasm as she always shows at conferences. good job.

The content was a bit basic for the long-term writers in the crowd but +1 to wanting more on the cubing process. Sounds like some blog posts. ;)

Excellent, no-nonsense talk about the reality of hiring technical people. Great examples of what to use and what NOT to use in your resume. Eye-opening look into the world of high-volume resume processing.

The talk is as advertised, but felt a bit elementary. If the audience has taken a college-level writing class, they might not hear too much new information. I would have liked it more if each bullet point was given with more emphasis on how it can be applied specifically to technical writing, not just writing in general.

The talk is titled "Technical Writing," which seems a bit vague. Something more explicit and descriptive might be "English 101 For Technical Writers."

The "cubing" strategy was great, and was new to me. It would make an excellent pragmatic example to list the steps in the concept, then take a mock idea for a blog post and talk about how to break it down using this technique.

That was informative and well put together. Good show

Excellent talk by a seasoned speaker. So many great quotes. Does an amazing job of covering the history, theory and pragmatic steps of being a software architect. I will be referencing this talk again, and can't wait to get a recording of it to re-watch and take in some things I missed. There is so much info here, it's hard to digest in the first listen.

EVERY career developer should hear this talk, if only to give you an idea of what this role does and one option for your career path.

Thanks Scott for that perspective from a head hunter - learnt a few tricks on structuring my CV and what to include.


Your talk is so completely packed with information, it's unbelievable.

The only suggestion I could possibly give you, is not to be last in line! I don't think I will actually be able to retain even half of what you said. I look forward to the recordings!

Excellent talk. I realise I wasn't really actively managing my career - something I will try to correct hence forth.

So many things rang true. It's definitely time to stop taking a back seat on my career path.