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I come to the DPC for the sparks. With sparks, and dry wood, I can make fire. I do not come to the DPC for fire, that's not what I need. Sometimes I see a lot of sparks, it's called a firedwork ;-) Aral keynote was a huge firework. It burned my eyes, and now, around me, I see a lot of things that Aral told me. Yes putting my finger on the screen to get my metro/tram/bus ticket does not work ! and it's not my fault anymore. Now I will remember to PUSH the button even when it is on a screen. When my wife has a new GPS in her hands and she can use it (I mean getting back home, without reading the manual) I understand that the UX she had was great: the designer did his job well, the user interface is great. Helgi's keynote was mainly about two words API and DATA. i know other people heard too much the Twitter word. i think those people were looking for fire. I'm looking for sparks (for my own fire). I do not have data, still I will soon have a API to support my website. Helgi gave me a spark (he does not even know it) and I will solve one of my problems: give the opportunity to people who has data to use my API to change their data (and I hope they will not leave their data, I don't have the room for it). Rob could not say to much about ZF2 (no fire) but he was able to show me some sparks: php5.3, autoloader, ... I liked Cal Evans words about our managers. Yes we earned the good managers we have. They have to be proud of us, we are worth it!
Thanks to all of you for the organization. Let's do it again. Long life to the sparks.

Great as usual. A bit chilly in the rroms at times.

Organization was flawless. iBuildings did an excellent job. Unfortunately I can not say the same for the speakers. Many talks have either had uninteresting content or they were poorly executed. In the future I hope we'll see more talks with quality of this year's keynotes.

Great couple of days. The organisation is fantastic. The RAI is a great venue. (I didn't find it cold at all BTW)
I appreciated the iBuildings folder and pen but would have appreciated it even more if I'd been given it at the very start.

In terms of talk content/themes I thought there was a little too much on the ZF side. I would have liked to see some more unusual or new stuff.

I personally really enjoyed the ZeroMQ talk, so more like this please.
Maybe a full talk on Gearman, Ant, Phing etc

This was my first PHP conference ever.

I've had a great time at the conference and I must say it was really well organized, everything just seemed to work (and that way you can tell there is hard work behind it :-) -- apart from some issues with the wireless network in room E102 and maybe other rooms as well.

It would be great to attend again next year!

Great conference people! First time there, but definitely not the last time!

Great done again people. Thx for threee wundelfull days. I hope to see you next year