Talk comments

Anonymous at 17:43 on 27 Jun 2011

Good speaker, but the content needed work. Would echo some comments, though not as harsh. With a few more tweaks this would go from 2/5 to 4/5.

Anonymous at 17:41 on 27 Jun 2011

Content: nothing you couldn't find in "Clean Code" for the most part BUT this is no bad thing. All presentations work this way. It's an excellent book and the content was solid.

However, the speaker had such little interest or enthusiasm I honestly wondered what he was doing there. Would definitely avoid future talks if they were this laboured.

The full abstract of the talk in the online schedule mentioned the two parts of the talk. Unfortunately only the second part of the abstract was reproduced in the printed schedule and this may have contributed to the expectation mismatch.

For slides, see my php|tek slides at

This talk inspired me to. I'm now motivated to fight for being satisfied developer at my main job. Really good one.
A bit to much time spend on discussing "freedom of location" in developers work.

10 minutes of content, 30 minutes of pointless discussion. I wanted to learn a lot, but I have seen a stand up comedian show. Cheers:)

Rob is born to perform on stage. So the talk was interesting.
Talk was well prepared with a lot of valuable content.
Very nice:)

Thanks for sharing the slides, great presentation!

Anonymous at 18:47 on 25 May 2011

Great keynote with good insights about design of every objects and UX.

Will you be speaking at:

Great inspirational talk. Made we want to be a superman :-)

Unprofessional, but few new things I did learn.