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Great, inspirational talk. Very funny and spot on.

Brilliant keynote; very animated and thoroughly interesting :)

I knew Aral would be awesome ... he was awesome. Nothing to add.

Anything less than 5 star rating is an outrage.

F at 11:09 on 20 May 2011

As always, Aral amazes me with his talks. His enthusiasm about UX is contagious!

Very good, funny and inspiring talk. A great start of the conference!

Awesome keynote with some good insights about UX

Koen at 11:23 on 20 May 2011

Best presentation skills I've seen in ages! Liked the humor as well. Let's hope people look differently at designing their apps now. Thanks!

Great talk and very interesting. Never got bored.

Amazing talk. One of the better I've seen so far. It ran like a train.

Great talk, very interesting.

Very entertaining talk, lots of great examples, lots of energy as always from Aral.

Not only was this talk very entertaining, it was also quite confrontational in terms of what you're doing as a developer to increase usability of the system. The speaker was very passionate about the need for usability, which went down very well with the audience. All in all a great keynote!

A good opening of the day.

It was a long time I've seen Aral performing on stage. Men a missed sessions/talks like this... More of that!

Fab talk. Great energy. Lovely messages. Being human.

Absolutely loved it. Inspiring stuff! :-)

funny and inspiring. Might not be as technical as expected from a conference like this, but inspiring nonetheless.

yeah. I've seen this talk in various incarnations and every single time it simply blows me away. *Awesome* talk, thanks Aral!

Great talk, could have used a little bit more digital examples

What more can I say? Great way to start the day. Very inspirational.

This keynote was a highly entertaining and insightful User Experience

Must not sound like fanboi...

Really energising start to the day. Nicely linked the UX responsibilities of designers and developers.

This keynote totally blew me away. Problem with that is that nothing during the day could come near this very entertaining talk.

Very well done and five stars well deserved!

An excellent start of the conference days!

A very very entertaining and inspiring talk.

I guess the reason that some of your jokes didn't come across, because you sometimes maybe talked a bit to fast for a for the most part non native english speaking public. But don't change the pase of the talk, because it was spot on.

Nothing to add, this talk was just that good.

Anonymous at 08:00 on 21 May 2011

Great presentation! Would like to be able to give such a talk! The best talk so far.

Best talk I've ever seen! Congrats !

Excellent! Congrats, you rock! I never look at electrical outlets as before!

Loved the energy, photos, beautiful slides and especially the way you approach design - very refreshing.

Really good, all business needs this

Another 5 Thumbs-up

Great talk, brilliant! Good begin of a very interesting day!

Absolutely brilliant.

Fascinating start of the day, great talk... Buying my parking ticket at the end of the day, reminded me immediately to your talk. Well done!

Brilliant. Nothing more to say. Please come back again!!

Very inspiring and energetic talk.

Great presentation with alot of energy. Really resembles the way of presenting by Scott Hanselman. Both really great speakers!

Very well done.
A little jumpy, but very well done :P

You are definitely not that crying little guy...

But, you already know that.

Awesome talk! Thanks..

Awesome talk, good slides. A great presentation in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Very good talk. Enjoyed it from the start to the end!

Excellent! One of the best presentations I've seen.
This had a lot to do with the humor in the presentation. If somehow, the software world doesn't work out for you, you could still do stand-up comedy.

Not a technically hot topic, but very inspiring.

Probably the best presentation/speaker I've seen in the whole conference, both amusing and inspiring!

For me it was the second time to see Aral give this talk. It was a great performance again!

This talk was one of few that made this conference worth coming to. If only the other speakers could adopt some of the presentation skills from Aral (or Evans). 7 thumbs up.

Excellent speaker to open an event. His witty talk and mannerisms are a good way to break the ice before going into the more technical talks.

There are no words to explain in which extend this changed my life. Or should I say the way I look to my life. It's not my fault anymore if I do not understand how to use something, it's the creator's fault that f*** my day ;-) Seriously, if you where not there you missed something, try to catch up.

Great Presentation. Super man.

Very good presentation! A good way to make devs aware of their user experience responsibilities.
Might be a little bit shorter, seeing so many times "being superman" or an old crying baby tends to be a little bit exhausting.
I would have replaced some of this time spent with some more concrete action points devs can focus on.

Awesome talk! it was inspiring

Great inspirational talk. Made we want to be a superman :-)

Anonymous at 18:47 on 25 May 2011

Great keynote with good insights about design of every objects and UX.

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