Adopting new methods and technologies is always hard. And it's even harder to know if it's worth the effort. Behaviour-Driven Development promises to let you spend more time coding and less time pulling your hair out by increasing collaboration and thus trust between developers and business stake holders. Although with all the tools and process BDD seems to require, its implementation costs are often deemed to high.

But BDD can work without any special tools or dramatic process changes. This talk gives you a hands-on introduction to Behaviour-Driven Development - aka Specification by Example - and shows you a light-weight or even guerrilla-like approach of making it work for you, in your project, with your tools.


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Youri Thielen at 10:44 on 1 Jul 2017

Excellent introduction to BDD, or specification by example!

Tom den Braber at 18:09 on 1 Jul 2017

Excellent talk! The speaker introduced the subject very well and his approach can be implemented in your existing workflow quite easily. Also: very cool slides, they gave the presentation a personal touch.

Peter Meijer at 21:22 on 2 Jul 2017

Liked the personal touch in the slides. Could see the time it has cost to prepare.
Good talk which was a eye opener at sometime for me.

Ellen Boven at 11:29 on 3 Jul 2017

Excellent talk! Presentation style and also the content. I like the idea very much and will certainly try this approach.