Talk comments

Stephan Groen at 15:28 on 10 Jul 2017

Good Q&A, would have been nice with some more in-depth technical info, especially for this audience. Was nice to see a company like this apply a pragmatic approach to using these tools and not over-engineering. Speaker seemed a little nervous, but talked calm and clear.

I thought this talk was great! It gave a great overview in documenting in steps. You didn't go too fast or too slow. Could follow it while it wasn't boring for a moment.

Because of your presentation my appreciation for documenting has grown. :)

I like the 'happy flow'.

Thank you!

It was a nice overview with emphasis on the two less understood principles. I was expecting a bit more examples and experience based on the title though.

Nice overview of existing, new and future APIs for devices. The time did not allow for an in-depth discussion but the breadth of the discussed APIs made up for that.

Thanks for sharing Maximiliano Firtman.

Interesting and informative. I learned much about use cases for Generators. Thank you!

Great introduction to the topic and well explained. Would be interesting to see what the semantic web can offer for web applications in a more practical sense.

Arnout Boks at 16:13 on 7 Jul 2017

Great introduction to monads as an abstract type, just like well-known structures like stack and collection. I think this talk is very sound from a didactical point of view, and the live refactoring examples really help to get the point across.

Arnout Boks at 16:02 on 7 Jul 2017

I liked the approach of this talk, describing how safety principles in nuclear power plants and other real-life situations can apply to software. I think most of the principles were quite abstract (and sometimes well-known) though, and would have liked a more practical approach with some more in-depth examples. Also, I would love to see examples of how these principles apply to a more micro level (pieces of code rather than entire systems). I appreciate the calm and clear presentation style.

Arnout Boks at 15:45 on 7 Jul 2017

Loads of useful information packed into a 45-min talk. I liked how most of the content was backed by practical experience, and how it showed an evolution from one architecture to another. Great overview of a (microservices) architecture anno 2017.

Arnout Boks at 15:39 on 7 Jul 2017

Humorous talk with an interesting vision, Delivery was spot on as well. The only points of criticism I can think of is that the content is not really novel (mostly agile principles in another light). The take-aways are more on an abstract rather than a practical level. In that sense, this talk might do really well as a keynote.