Ibuildings is proud to organize the eleventh Dutch PHP Conference on June 30 and July 1, plus a pre-conference tutorial day on June 29. Both programs will be completely in English so the only Dutch thing about it is the location. Keywords for these days: Know-how, Technology, Best Practices, Networking, Tips & Tricks.


Docker Festival
Workshop by Matthias Noback, Lucas
Lockdown - Linux security 101
Workshop by Liam Wiltshire
Discovering Your Skateboard & Delivering the Most Valuable Features
Workshop by Emily Stamey
HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Adventures in MySQL - 10 Awesome features you're probably not using
Talk by Liam Wiltshire
Climbing the Abstract Syntax Tree
Talk by James Titcumb
Practical privacy - GDPR explained
Talk by Marcus Bointon
Introduction to the Semantic Web
Talk by Arnout Boks
Managing dependencies is more than running "composer update"
Talk by Nils Adermann
Ethical Engineering
Talk by Christopher Hoult
I deploy on Fridays (and maybe you should too)
Talk by Michiel Rook
Caching with PSR-6 and PSR-16
Talk by Hannes Van De Vreken
Uncon: Implementing Serverless PHP: Under the hood of OpenWhisk
Talk by Rob Allen
The first few milliseconds of HTTPS
Talk by Joshua Thijssen
Pushing the limits of PHP with React PHP - why React PHP is awesome and why you should care
Talk by Christian Lück
What's Your Skateboard?
Talk by Emily Stamey
Uncon: A practical introduction to snapshot testing
Talk by Freek Van der Herten
Uncon talk: Deadline pressure
Talk by Tim Huijzers
GraphQL is right in front of us, let's do it, with Symfony
Talk by Renato Mendes Figueiredo
Taking out the legacy, the microservice approach
Talk by Niels van Esch
Continuously delivering containerized, highly available microservices with proper context boundaries and messaging integration
Talk by Matthias Noback
Database migrations with zero downtime
Talk by Michiel Rook
Progressive Web Apps in the Wild
Talk by Rowan Merewood
CouchDB, PouchDB and Offline-Tolerant Apps
Talk by Lorna Mitchell
Beating the Pentester
Talk by Boy Baukema
Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know
Talk by Joshua Thijssen
Empathy As A Service: Supporting Mental Health in the Tech Workplace
Talk by Nara Kasbergen
Uncon: Acceptance testing
Talk by Deniz Zoeteman
Graphs are Everywhere
Talk by Christopher Hoult
Elastic scaling in a (micro)service oriented architecture
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Drupal8 for Symfony developers
Talk by Antonio Peric
Uncon: Analysing your logs with ELK and Docker
Talk by Melvin louwerse
The (Awesome) Future of Web Apps
Talk by Jad Joubran
Golang for PHP developers: A practical introduction
Talk by Richard Tuin
Creating a realtime dashboard with PHP and websockets
Talk by Freek Van der Herten
Functional Programming for Dummies*
Talk by Scato Eggen