Talk comments

Great info, entertaining speaker.
Enlarged my perspective on eZ Publish - looking at eZ as a central content repository brings new ideas for applications.

Great ! A bunch of concepts I was missing in ZC are not much clearer !

Really interesting : i love your presentation on the new feature that will comme with 5.4 .

Thanks for coming

Good overview of where Zeta components come from and where it is heading.

Awesome talk as usual from Thobias.

Great talk as usual Derrick.
A must see for every PHP dev out there.

Great talk. Well presented and brave to do live demos.

Need to work on git skills though.

Great work Nico.

You are a great speaker :-) Very interesting overview of the Zeta Components, let's hope it will motivate some contributors.

Clearly a class A developer! Fast thinking and often carried away by thoughts, leading to many small detours ;) Overall interesting talk. And thanks for the tip on Xhprof!