JestPHP is 1-day, 1-track, affordable, community conference for PHP developers in Arizona and beyond. Join us for a day of learning and laughter, that you will not not forget.

Friday 22nd February 2019

Leadership as a Joke
Keynote by Cal Evans in Main Track (30 minutes)

Everybody wants to be a leader. Everybody wants to be the Drum Major out in front leading the band. How many actually know how to be a leader? To help each other become better leaders, let's examine a kids joke and see how meany leadership lessons we can extract from it. (Spoiler Alert: More than you think)

Everyday Docker: Yak Free Uses That Aren't Deployment
Talk by Tim Lytle in Main Track (45 minutes)

Though it's the common use case, deploying your application using docker may seem a bit daunting at first, and require some changes you're not ready to make. But if you want to get started with docker, there are plenty of uses that aren't deployment. In this 99% Yak-Shaving™ Free session, we'll focus on the ones that require little (or no) setup. You might even be using them before I stop talking.

Testing: Everything I Wish I Learned in School
Talk by Tim Klever in Main Track (45 minutes)

Some of us come to software careers with engineering degrees, others find our way through bootcamps and night classes, and more still are self-taught do-it-yourselfers. No matter what your educational path to software development, one question unites us all. "How do I make sure any of this actually works?" This talk, an introduction to a wide variety of testing topics, seeks to arm attendees with enough practical examples to be successful now and enough theory to keep growing. Topics covered include: Unit Testing, Behavior Testing, Double Loop Refactoring & more.

11:30 Protecting Your Code From A Mischievous Future
Talk by Jeremy Lindblom in Main Track (30 minutes)

Your code is perfect! Well, at least until the next set of requirements come in and tries to "sweep the leg" of your beautiful codebase. However, by following the SOLID object-oriented design principles, you can minimize the churn or hacks needed as your code is forcefully evolved. Let's learn the concepts of SOLID in the context of some real code.

Good API Design, Bad Magic, and Even Worse Puns
Talk by Mike Stowe in Main Track (45 minutes)

The greatest show on earth this is not — but prepared to be bedazzled with API Best Practices ranging from API design to implementation to security musts — all surrounded by horrible puns (the kind that would make any dad proud), and the type of magic you can only find at the 2nd grade talent show. There may (or may not) be juggling, sword swallowing, mind tricks, card tricks, and even a funny joke or two — but be assured you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two about RESTful APIs from the very guy who wrote a book on API design as he couldn't find a steady job as a comedian, a magician, a model, or an actor.

API Security: When Failure Looks Like Success
Talk by Keith Casey in Main Track (45 minutes)

In the last decade, APIs have become fundamental to our teams, partners, and customers. While we’d like to believe it all happened as a carefully executed plan, let’s be honest... there’s as much luck as foresight in the mix. Luckily, success drives success so we’ve seen things explode in great ways. Unfortunately, that very success has cost us too. APIs are becoming a consistent and devastating attack vector for applications that store everything from financial records to passport information to what you’re looking for in a date. In this session, we’ll reconsider some our earliest assumptions and lay out some strategies for bringing our APIs out of the shadows and protecting ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

Event Sourcing 101
Talk by Evan Coury in Main Track (45 minutes)

Event Sourcing can cause as many problems as it solves. Join Evan as he explains the pros and cons of this decades-old technique that has been regaining popularity among developers in recent years.

Welcome to the Internet: We Have Packets!
Keynote by Elizabeth Marie Smith in Main Track (45 minutes)

The theory, history, architecture, and future of the Internet and World Wide Web.