Talk comments

LG at 10:50 on 25 Feb 2019

For one more scream on the JestPHP coaster (thrilling and then practical) Elizabeth talks about the history of the internet and in particular just how fragile this whole thing is on an infrastructure level. You leave her talk thinking "well I guess if it's not broken...." and also, "shouldn't we have something newer underpinning our digital civilization?"

LG at 10:47 on 25 Feb 2019

Evan basically walks you through one of the coolest things you could build and then bonks you on the head back to reality as to why you should take things one small step at a time. For everyone obsessed with saving data/records, this was a must see.

LG at 10:45 on 25 Feb 2019

Like any good security talk, it stats off with a little jump scare (2M records compromised, Boo!) and then dives right into how to do things right. Casey underscores just how real the threat is for ALL organizations, and reminds us that by the time attacks are discovered there could have been years worth of damage going on.

LG at 10:41 on 25 Feb 2019

With his PHP cape and sparkly hat, Mike tricked me into listening about REST verbs and staying engaged. Another great talk that encourages you the developer to keep your eyes on the prize -- which is to architect keenly first THEN build.

LG at 10:39 on 25 Feb 2019

Jeremy walks through a real-world case of cat-wrangling and describes the process to stay organized and on top of what comes down the pike. The visual of a pile of cardboard boxes hits home!

LG at 10:38 on 25 Feb 2019

The right amount of professionalism, urgency, and wit when it comes to the very-necessary part of development. Tim is a compelling speaker with an engaging style.

LG at 10:35 on 25 Feb 2019

Beautiful slides, complete walkthrough on using Docker, and hand puppets. Thank you!

LG at 10:34 on 25 Feb 2019

Cal had me completely at "We put the lock on the door and productivity skyrocketed, since C-Suite couldn't walk in and bother the devs."

Loved the history lesson! Elizabeth provided lots of good information on the history of the internet in an enjoyable way.

Big thanks to for making a talk on event sourcing less technical than it could have been. It would have been easy to get into the weeds but Evan made the idea easy to understand. The information was useful and concise while still being relevant.

The only gripe was how rushed things became towards the end due to a lack of time (not entirely his fault).