Talk comments

Excellent talk with excellent examples

Julka Grodel at 15:50 on 17 Jul 2018

I hadn't given much thought before to mentee and mentor roles and how to structure them to be make more of an impact. This was a really helpful talk. Katerine's input on the mentorship programs she has participated in, what she got out of them in both roles, and ideas on getting mentees active in their own success was very valuable to me and has given me new ideas on how to better mentor.

I thought it was a good intro to using JS for adding AR experience to the web. Might be cool to see other applications of this tech as well.

I agree with the comment about spending less time in Shopify and more time working with queries.

Tough having to spend time getting people's env setup so anything to speed that up would be great. I think would be better to spend less time on google maps and more on the vanilla web components. Great talk though, thanks!

David M Fontz at 23:04 on 15 Jul 2018

Frank has a down-to-earth delivery and was very interactive and engaging. The course was a good intro into the basic how and why of Docker. Plus, he has a cool last name (even if it is short a letter)! :)

This was an excellent talk.

Shannon made a lot of things explicit that I have thought about regarding mentoring junior-level developers in the workplace. Awesome stuff!

Thank you for putting this workshop together.

I learned about the motivations for using Docker as well as some of the commands for setting up containers and running things inside of them.

I appreciated the effort to get folks to set stuff up before the workshop, but it would have been nice to have a little less time involved with the setup in the workshop itself and more with working with Docker. That's really the only negative critique I have.

I feel like I can take the knowledge from this workshop and continue learning about Docker independently.

Thank you for putting this workshop together. One critique I have is that I would have preferred a heavier focus on GraphQL than setting up the Shopify-related pieces, but I still learned a lot about GraphQL.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Mental health in our industry is an issue we need to shed more light on.