Talk comments

Sam Reghenzi at 08:40 on 24 Nov 2018

50% sales pitch. Very good speaker anyway.

Sam Reghenzi at 08:39 on 24 Nov 2018

Competent tech guy but need to refine skills as a speaker. Good talk

Sam Reghenzi at 08:37 on 24 Nov 2018

completely off topic

Sam Reghenzi at 08:37 on 24 Nov 2018

Matteo is a great speaker

Great explanation of the framework, the demo part of the talk was "fastified" too!

Started with a "marketing presentation" of AWS, but the live demo was great!

Real worlds insights about why and how to use GraphQL, very interesting!

Some issues with the mic, but clear and concise presentation to start the conf

Interesting talk, but exposure and English should be improved