Talk comments

Very nice talk, making me want to give Docker another go, especially for certain use cases where Vagrant is just not the ideal tool for the job.

Very nice talk. Not just technically good, but you seem to have become very comfortable up on stage. Looking forward to seeing you give this (and other) talks at international conferences !

Anonymous at 20:36 on 6 Oct 2014

Juliette presented very well - she was the last speaker on a three day conference and had bunches of energy to share.

Her talk was enlightening - I consider myself (and am hired as) a senior PHP resource but failed her test hopelessly.

I think my takeaway is how difficult writing cross-server code can be and the importance of having a reference open, even when using simple fundamental functions.

I know nothing. That's what I've learned from Juliette.

Amazing talk on a very interesting topic. I would have liked more explanation on the implementation of DDD and more information on the layer architecture slide.

Highly recommended talk.

Tough questions, I think everyone learnt something.

This was probably my favourite talk of conference. I had no idea how awesome Docker was.