Talk comments

James Hodgson at 15:47 on 9 Dec 2016

Didn't catch the talk itself but was able to get a quick run through of the slide deck from Alistair during the lunch.

It was an informative talk and great to learn about a new set of tools.

Chris Emerson at 15:18 on 28 Nov 2016

I thought this talk was a bit too short to really learn anything from. There was a bit of information on the problems with using Mongo on its own, but some examples may have helped here. There was a look at some code afterwards but I found it a bit hard to follow, so again some examples boiled down to their simplest form may have helped here. Still, it's certainly a combination of technologies worth considering if you are reaching bottlenecks with Mongo due to query complexity I think.

James Titcumb at 18:44 on 27 Nov 2016

Clearly a lot of topic for a short slot; lingered on some parts a bit long which made it feel rushed at the end, understandable given the amount of content there was to go through though!

James Titcumb at 18:42 on 27 Nov 2016

Clear explanation of Lambda, and exploration of potential here. Thanks!

James Titcumb at 18:41 on 27 Nov 2016

Not bad at all, indeed. Echoing Matt's comment about slower & clearer.
You mentioned it'd be in the form of a letter addressed to your former self, but it didn't seem delivered in that way (or emphasised enough maybe?) Thought that was a great idea, so with a bit of tweaking, that could make it a 5 star imo.

James Titcumb at 18:38 on 27 Nov 2016

Already knowing the first handful of PSRs I'd like to have seen what's going on with new/wip PSRs. Otherwise good.

The second part to a great talk! This has opened up some interest in how PHP works under the hood even more. Again, clearly given with great examples. I just wish I had questions to ask!

Another well presented talk with an insight into how PHP will interpret the code we right and as usual it was well presented!

Was clearly presented with confidence and was good to hear about certain parts about functional programming but I feel some parts were misleading into benefits of functional programming. There was not enough emphasis about immutability and how to manage modularity through functions. Would have been good at a real world example of a problem to solve to give more clarity and context.

Was nice to hear about tools/software and usages on the process of going from dev to prod using Docker. Some insightful knowledge with honest experiences and answers.

Would like to see as an actual talk to extract more information from Adam.