Talk comments

Marius Brits at 19:13 on 9 Nov 2016

Great speaker with a wide knowledge of development!

Femi TAIWO at 17:42 on 9 Nov 2016

Bernhard's session was one of the most memorable, especially because this is a problem I have encountered and many other people probably have too. He provided clear, easy to do steps to migrate with minimal downtime and hair-pulling moments.
Good stuff!

Colin O'Dell at 19:41 on 8 Nov 2016

Bernhard did a great job explaining the ins-and-outs of migrating a legacy codebase into a more-modern and manageable architecture. I liked that the information was presented in a very practical way with good advice and things to watch out for.

Ben Edmunds at 17:01 on 8 Nov 2016

Really great talk. Bernhard did a great mix of providing information and then walking you through how to implement that information. This was definitely the best talk of the whole conference.

Dale at 10:58 on 8 Nov 2016

Great talk by someone that has felt the pains and sharing the tribulations. Very insight and created a lot of food for thought.

Ettienne Louw at 10:47 on 8 Nov 2016

This was a really brilliant talk, real live examples and implementation which you can adopt and use in your own project.

Great introduction. Simple, and easy to follow. Zander has really become an excellent speaker!

Really good speaker, good overview on how to speed up your applications using websockets, as well as the limitations with using them in PHP. I would have liked a bit more coding examples, something to take home. Thanks for sharing all the problems you encountered, always great learning from someone else's mistakes!

Really interesting realizing how code dies over time, and how it becomes exceptionally hard to find. The low level examples on "finding" this dead code was really interesting, but think one should point out how simple it can be using tools like PhpStorm.

Well structured and well presented talk. One can see he put a lot of effort into it. I honestly think the topic wasn't the best of choices, and perhaps a bit negative. Would love to see him talk again, perhaps on less controversial topic. Or perhaps looking at it from a more possessive point of view.