How to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants


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Great talk.

as a newb on the scene I did get the message. Very nice how you make links to skating, facebook and the general debelopers history. keep up the good work!

Great story line and it was definitely inspiring. Perfect keynote material!

Inspiring: big picture to how to participate as an individual.

Good! Well done, Ian!

Fantastic talk. Lots of history. Shows that none of us are, or should be, isolated in this industry and even the innovation is really just evolution!

Anonymous at 11:40 on 8 Oct 2011

An inspiring talk. A great start to the world of conferences for me.

Inspiring talk. Good keynote.

Good presentation, excellently targeted for the audience.

Good talk for keynote of the conference. Clear presentation style.

Great talk. Encouraging content, perfect start to the day.

Awesome presentation! Knowing you don't often keynote makes it even more impressive.

I love the natural way you present and I was inspired by this talk. I learned that you don't have to be a genious to accomplish great things. Fact is that I'm not a genious, so it gave me hope.

Best keynote I've seen in some time !

Excellent introduction. Thanks.

Solid inspirational stuff - ideal for an opening keynote.

Excellent keynote. Made you feel inspired to be a part of something.

Great keynote really lovely stuff

Scary that I actually remember BCPL... but that nightmare aside, a good keynote to start the conference: a reminder that while we are all part of the PHP community now, we are part of a much larger programming community going back over the decades, and will remain a part of that larger community going into the future.

Great Keynote Ian.

One complaint. We had a deal man... you were SUPPOSED to set the bar really low. You let me down.


Wow! An excellent, really inspiring keynote! Very well done!

A great talk to set the tone for the day.

Anonymous at 21:30 on 8 Oct 2011

Good talk to get the ball rolling for the day

Excellently done, I thought. You did a great job of convincing me I have the potential to see further than other men. A perfect opening to the conference. Would watch again! :D

Fantastic! Got me all stoked and eager for the rest of the day.

Well positioned keynote; informative, relevant and inspiring.

Excellent keynote! It was inispiring and made me feel I wanted to get back to work immediately :)

Inspiring keynote, and great speaker.

Superb inspirational keynote presentation, glad half of our team was there to watch this :)

Great introduction talk and enjoyed the brief history of programming languages. Also mentioned how the creator of PHP started off and tried to come up with a solution to a problem no one else had fixed. Inspiring by suggesting that we can contribute to the world by making a small change to existing open source projects. This could have a 'butterfly effect' and could become something that everyone uses.

Anonymous at 16:53 on 9 Oct 2011

Brilliant keynote. Very inspirational, interesting and educational all at the same time!

Slightly slow start, but then Ian really got into his stride and his passion for the topic came through. Really acted as a nice link into the rest of the day. Left me motivated to do a bit more contributing, thanks!

The thing that made this a great keynote for me was that the speaker knew some very well founded principles.

What he based it on was that we are not doing anything new, we are building upon what came before us. Yet we don't always know where it was that it came from. Our industry has a lot of history, yet we are often misguided into thinking that we're ground breaking.

Every person working in the web in any way whatsoever should do two things. They should watch this keynote, and then they should listen to the advice in it and go out and learn our history. It will only make you a better developer.

Really interesting keynote. Loved the skateboarding reference and the evolution of programming for the web. Wonderful start to the conference.

As an ex-skater the start of this talk really connected with me and I felt very much engaged throughout.

I am a huge fan of Ian's speaking. He is natural, talented speaker, who can make the most complex topics understandable. This was the first talk I've heard him give on a less 'technical' topic, and enjoyed it very much. It was a superb opening keynote and set the tone for the conference very well by making insightful observations, and useful metaphors.

Highly original, enjoyable and enlightening.

Great to watch. Loved the analogy to skating as I had never considered that way of thinking about development previously. Definitely inspiring.

Excellent talk by Ian, especially liked the historical references shows the speaker really knows his stuff

A great start for a great conference! Well done!

Very good talk, really enjoyed it.

Started out not knowing how things were going to be linking together, but within moments I was fully engrossed and following along. Most excellent choice for Keynote speaker and topic.

This stands out as one of the best keynotes I've seen, especially at a more technical conference. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

This was just fantastically fantastic if you can put it that way. It was really inspirational! Wow :)

Confirmed ideas that I already have, was really nice to listen to. Also, curious slide about the new quicksort :)
Well done.

Excellent keynotes can set the tone for a whole conference and this one did definitely deliver. It's the first keynote by Ian that I've seen and I'm impressed.

Good keynotes make you listen for the whole time even and point out a new viewpoint to people that haven't been 'around' for at least 10 years. The speaker managed to do so and started of PHPNW11 very well!

Anonymous at 08:51 on 10 Oct 2011

Spot on for a keynote: it was really inspiring and broke down a great many of the perceived barriers between what we're doing day to day and what those are doing at the forefront. Ian did a great job of translating his messages into a hybrid graspable metaphors and technical specifics.

Couldn't help but think "I need to code more!" when seeing this keynote. Nice job and good way to start the day's talks.

A good, positive message for the start of the conference.

Top keynote. It was clear, concise, made the point nicely, and most importantly, wasn't too long and drawn out. Good work!

Excellent talk to kick off the conference, really inspiring to think of all the work I could do with the stuff I know and was going to learn during the rest of the conference.

Great talk, inspiring and a good speaker :)

Very inspirational.

Inspiring and engaging.

A really relaxed, confident and engaging speaker, and the perfect way to start the day. I'm a sucker for tidbits of history, so the talk really appealed to me.

Great opening for the day. Very enjoyable presentation with just the right amount of food for thought.

Very good opening talk.

Anonymous at 19:41 on 10 Oct 2011

Good opening talk. Nothing revolutionary but nice to warm up to the weekend.

I really liked your talk. It was well delivered and got me excited for the rest of the conference.

Ian, this is probably the best talk you've ever given. Good content, steady flow and a good combination of visuals with your talk. Well done!!!

Interesting content and well delivered.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the abstract for this session and helping choose Ian as the keynote speaker. I was excited when I read the abstract a few months ago and so glad to have finally heard the session on the day and felt really inspired. This was Ian's first keynote talk and I can safely say I think he nailed it big time!

A moving and inspirational start to the weekend.

Excellent, great start to the day.

I had the pleasure of introducing Ian and then sitting about 8 feet away during the talk and it blew me away. A great balance of inspiration, geekery, and stories from close to home - what a way to kick off the event!

Excellent keynote, and a brilliant and inspiring start to the day overall. This was the first time I've seen Ian talk and it was simply superb!

This was a really inspiring talk. Ian's a great speaker and it was really nice to hear some of the history of programming and to be reminded that even the small things we do can lead to great things. A great way to start a conference!

Great start of PHPNW11. Really good keynote with wonderful connections to real world examples (not only nerdy coding stuff).

Great keynote, very inspiring. A good example of how a keynote should be done and I really liked your presentation style. Wish I could be that good one day...
Can't wait to see the recording so I can watch it again!

Great talk, well delivered. Very inspiring. Nothing new was said, but this kind of reminder is always great. When it finished I was a bit disappointed as I wanted it to last at least another 10-15 mins!

Amazing keynote which gave me back a good amount of my lost will power and inspiration making think it's definitely time to get back on truck and contribute back to the community a community that till now never stopped to feeding me with always new and great ideas.

Was a very good keynote. As others, very inspiring and motivating. Will definitely watch again.

Ideal talk to get the conference going. Interesting, funny and a little thought-provoking (although not too much for the first talk of the morning).

An inspiration journey through the entrepreneurs of our industry (starting with Alan Turing) and how they each took the ideas before them and improved them. It was a nice first talk of the day, and wasn't too heavy for first thing on a Saturday morning.

Good talk, well presented, informative - best of all, interesting!

Anonymous at 19:10 on 19 Oct 2011

absolutely great talk