Talk comments

Richard Foster at 11:09 on 4 Mar 2020

An excellent talk/tutorial. Wim swiftly covered a large range of potential security issues and fixes from Apache, server, network, Javascript, database and your app code. Most people will have heard of an aspect they had not thought of. Wim demonstrated how brute force automated hacking is rife and talked about how hacks are executed, detected and problems afterwards.

frank at 23:47 on 26 Feb 2020

started easy , but then it was impossible to follow from halfway through

frank at 23:46 on 26 Feb 2020

good talk , well done

frank at 23:45 on 26 Feb 2020

I liked the talk, was quite interesting

frank at 23:45 on 26 Feb 2020

didn't wait for people to get things running, I know it wasn't a workshop but it looked like he wanted people to follow. Overall good talk

frank at 23:43 on 26 Feb 2020

one of my favourite talks of the conference, very interesting and thorough. Well done.

frank at 23:42 on 26 Feb 2020

quite vague, all communication should be free, what does all communication even mean? not here nor there talk

Jelica at 11:38 on 26 Feb 2020

This keynote is really interesting and awesome. I found it valuable.

Jessica Smith at 10:49 on 26 Feb 2020

One of the best talks at the conference. Mental health is often hidden away and this brought it out into the open.

Jelica at 09:59 on 26 Feb 2020

Awesome talk.