Security-Centered Design: Exploring the Impact of Human Behavior


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An excellent talk, giving insight into more than just technical PHP stuff, which I like a lot.

Great talk taking an interesting tangent from the usual technical viewpoint.

Great talk and very entertaining. Was great to see a security talk that covered more than the usual topics. I will certainly be more aware from now on

Great talk - glad to see a security talk that made me think about the wider context.

Great talk, Chris has a certain calm over himself which is really inspiring and made the talk really enjoyable to watch. Also the way he does the coverage of the topic is great. Everything felt really natural and seemed to come from a vast knowledge on the topic. A++

This was a very professional presentation. The topic of how interaction design affects the security of an application offered some new and interesting perspectives. It was great to hear Chris discuss a topic about which he has become interested in recently, his excitement for the content was clear, and yet delivered in an understated way. Full of quick-witted humor and obvious intelligence. By far the best talk of the conference.

Anonymous at 22:52 on 1 Mar 2009

Not the usual security talk, which is what made it more interesting. It was the highlight of the conference for me.

A really interesting and engaging talk exploring security from a very human perspective, rather than concentrating on the usual technicalities. Lots of food for thought. Well done, Chris.

This isn't the first time I've seen this talk and I was still completely blown away by it. The ideas are so simple but powerful, and the presentation was impeccably well delivered