Talk comments

Good talk, but felt the delivery was a bit dry this time. When brought in a little bit more engaging way, this could be great!


Not just an inspirational talk, but a well-researched history lesson.

There's so much more to PHPStan than I had known so far. Thanks for the insights!

This talk does exactly what it promises: It showed me some ways I had not used PHP before. Freek brings this in his great exciting way.

The funny thing about this talk is that you can two talks for the price of one.

Yes, you can learn about documentation.

But I really also liked the insights into the inner workings of a project as big as WordPress. How are decisions made? What considerings are taken into account.

Fantastic talk.

A lot of information packed into this session. I've done a lot of work on API's, mostly on REST API's, but this talk convinced me that I need to dig into GraphQL as well some time soon.

Excellent talk by Chris. Really enjoyed it.

Inspiring and entertaining, well presented.

Well done, looking forward to be able to use the new version of the client with the generated value models!

A very good keynote with inspiring stories and well presented.