Talk comments

Awesome talk. Funny, energetic, with interesting ideas. I enjoyed the talk a lor!

Piotr Horzycki at 23:14 on 4 Mar 2019

Very well presented. Although I already knew most of the topics, Derick is a very nice guy and he speaks fluently. It was nice to listen to him.

on Xdebug

Piotr Horzycki at 23:12 on 4 Mar 2019

Very good, charismatic talk. Chris put his heart and soul into it. When he was talking about sprints, he was literally running back and forth onstage.

I like that in this presentation Michał give us concrete strategies about to to handle legacy :)

Really like the talk! I think we should show that talk to some of business stakeholders and bosses as well ;)

Nice to hear about OAuth from usage and problem you had to solve perspective. I would try to explain some of concept in the presentation a little more, but overall it was quite good presentation.

Very good talk - good content and presented very well

on Xdebug

Seems like a practitioner of BDD. Nice samples. My advice is to give more info which help in grasping the idea of BDD, try to do not use different words describing ports and adapters with classes and implementation without explaining why and don't dive into detail when speaking about BDD in general. Best wishes.

Interesting topic to cover, but little bit messy and boring. Needs more energy I think. Loved some example. Definitely will try BDD approach.

Best speech. Very powerful and motivational.