Talk comments

Highly entertaining style. I particularly enjoyed the explicit interjection of a rant in an already slightly ranty talk.

It's nice to see a talk about business value for a change. There were some very valid points about what really matters, how we should approach decisions, and the role of infrastructure when shipping software.

Side note: Talk may have been a DevOps eye opener, and I only just noticed.

Well presented, many of the PHP runtimes mentioned I did not know of before.

Anonymous at 16:40 on 27 Aug 2012

Content-wise quite nice, but the presenter is a bit boring.

I really enjoyed the presentation!

Cramming EBI, DCI and CQRS into a 45 minute presentation isn't all that easy.

Especially with two people presenting and when showing off code samples for every approach.

I missed some sort of initial pitch that showed me what problems these approaches can solved and what parts of my application they are needed for. I didn't quite follow up on the "The M of the MVC" analogy but since the title and abstract and a couple of slides talked about "your business domain" i was able to then follow the examples.

For me at least the code samples where concise and easy to follow but I'm not sure if words like "boundary" (interaction between controllers and domain objects in that case?) where explained clearly enough.

If i had to make up a suggestion on how to improve that I'd say: "Start off by showing me a controller that contains the whole code/use case, explain what parts belong elsewhere and why and then show me concepts for doing so".

All in all a very enjoyable presentation that I'd like to see followed up by more detailed talks!

I'm always a fan of talks that show off things in the language that you usually don't run across but might help you at some point in time so this was good fun :)

The talk in its self was a little unstructured and I wasn't always sure where it was taking me but if the goal was showing of points about HTTP and how the Socket API works it did its job.

Even so it felt like there was more to say about react and more samples on how to use it would have been nicer than going over the HTTP stuff in 20 minutes.

But given that one doesn't know his audience beforehand I can see why the speaker took this approach.

Having already written a couple of PHP Extensions I was able to follow and get all the points that where thrown at me but I didn't feel like it was easy for other people to follow up.

What I mainly missed was some more structure surrounding the code examples. Even small headings like "this is how it works in C", "this is what you could do in C++ to wrap the lib" and "this is how you use the C++ API" would have helped me a lot to focus. Maybe an agenda and telling me what I get to hear would also helped with the structure.

From a presentational point of view the talk was not all that fluent but the points where clear and easy to follow.

All in all I'm really happy about this presentation and the work that was being done. It's always nice to see some "internals" stuff "demystified" :)

Good overview of what Composer is and why you want to adopt it for your dependency management or contribute to it. +1 for Bonus Slides

It was really interesting!