Developer Experience, API Design and craft skills


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Very interesting talk, and thought-provoking when talking about revitalising a project.

Great opening keynote, reminding us that we need to think of how people (both future developers and users) will use our work.

Excellent keynote with some great, well-presented insights. The combination of jokes and a serious layer worked really well to get the message across. On monday, I'll improve at least one API :)

Great talk to get the day started, well delivered, and really interesting

Very inspirational and well brought! Some humor and lots of good information and inspiration. Thanks very much!

Humour and good tips. <3

Best keynote I think I've ever seen! Great points, very entertaining.

Great keynote; will definitely take a lot of it away and apply it in my own work in future.

Nice keynote, entertaining but included some solid advice as well. Very good speaker!

Fantastic, and given a lot to think about when I get back to the real world.

Loved it just the right speed and inspirational tone for a keynote.

Absolutely outstanding keynote, very funny and very informative

Very good mix of technical, UX en soft skill information! Very well brought.

Fantastic keynote. Love the idea of thinking about an API the way we look at user interfaces. Good content, well delivered (even when the slides weren't working!).

Great start to the day. The talk was funny, had great pace and made some excellent points about software design in general.

Great talk and relaxed way to start the day

This was a thoroughly enjoyable presentation, and thought-provoking to boot. Ade made good points; it's true we don't always consider the people who will use our APIs when designing them. Or if we do, we assume they will be "people like us", with the same preferences and knowledge. But it often takes someone else to point these things out, which Ade did very engagingly. A great start to the conference.

Enjoyed your talk Ade, thanks!

great talk, looking forward to sharing with the team.

Excellent keynote; one of the best I've seen. A perfect mix of humour and information, and a few thought-provoking statements too. Ade also coped extremely well with projector issues at the beginning!

I think I'm now going to try harder to treat developers like real people ☺

Most excellent Keynote. the small technical issues were completely dwarfed by the speakers ability to flow and cope. Best keynote I've seen.

Great talk, nice mix of humour

Great inspirational keynote, with just the right amount of humour and serious comment... I definitely need to readdress the methods and documentation of my libraries with a view to usability

Aside from a few minor glitches in the beginning, the talk was really well put together and presented.

Great insightful keynote to start off the conference with. Despite a couple of technical issues at the start, it was well presented and the mix of both humour and technical aspects aided in me re-thinking the approach I take to API development.

Very well presented with a good mix of humour and serious content. 'Treat developers like real people' should be a programming mantra.

Great keynote, really enjoyed it:entertaining and engaging, and will try to take some of those practices on board.

A fantastic keynote all round.
Good Subject
Excellent Delivery & handling of the early technical issues.
I will try to improve api designs from this moment onward.

Great speaker and thought provoking subject, it got the conference off to a flying start

one of the best talks of the weekend, great start to the conference

Excellent talk and nice to see it presented with just the right amount of humour. Great start to the day!

This talk was great, there were some great concepts covered.

Great start to the conference a good mix of humor and really thought provoking statements.

Great opening talk, well delivered, good humour. The content was perfect for developers who can focus too much on the technical aspect of their jobs.

Engaging, inspiring an fun talk, great kick-off for the weekends events.

Hey Ade,

The use of humor, even while the projector wasn't working, was great and definitely a good way to open a conference! :-)

I enjoyed the concepts in your talk and your use of philosophy was inspiring, also good references to books that people should read was invaluable.

No constructive criticism here, well executed and good talk content.


Anonymous at 17:52 on 8 Oct 2012

Very interesting talk and a very entertaining speaker. Especially liked the bit about 'treat other developers like they're people' Crazy idea if you ask me. :P

Perfect keynote talk.

Anonymous at 11:33 on 9 Oct 2012

Very good talk, well done

A cracking way to kick off the day - Ade was filled with energy and used that to get us buzzing as well. Provided a nice mix of inspiration and introspection that made you want to write even better. As a few people said at the time, candidate for best keynote ever from PHPNW!

A superb keynote that I found inspiring, informative and interesting. Ade did a great job of starting the conference off with just the right mix of stimulating ideas and anecdotes and I'd love to hear him talk again in future.

Great entertaining talk... A great reminder to focus on the finer points.

This was a great mix of inspirational talk and humour with a lot of common sense thrown in. A really good keynote topic.

Ade is such an amazing speaker that manages to get the attention of the crowd, that manages to entertain and get his points across while doing that.

Ade is a very well-rounded speaker and I'd love to see more of his talks.

Great talk. I hope the technical glitches don't get removed from the video when posted online. A good example of how to stay cool under pressure!

Enjoyed the inclusion of philosophy, and real-world design and craft in the talk.

Great keynote, think this is an area whose time has come, in fact probably long overdue.

Great thought provoking talk full of humour, and coped well with the technical issues at the start

Anonymous at 10:36 on 21 Oct 2012

Nice talk, quite inspiring!