PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use


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I learnt new things and will definitely use some of these features... Time to look at upgrading. Lorna talked in a nice way and easy to follow even for non-english people :D

Very good talk and well explained!

Excellent overview with some practical use cases for the new features. I'm still not sure about the whole new array notation, but I guess I need to start trying out the built-in webserver. Not in production, though ;)

Nice overview indeed. Got me thinking about what and how to use the new features. They all sound good but can become a disaster for readability.

Ans now onwards with 5.4 and let all my production platforms use the new webserver!

Great talk Lorna, as always! Try and talk a little bit slower next time. Even though I did see the slides before, it was still informative and it gave me enough ideas on how to use the features. The JsonSerialize functionality I would definitely use and on monday, I'll convinve my boss to upgrade to php 5.4 :)

Useful talk. Right amount of importance shown

Nice talk that explained clearly the significant new features and changes in PHP 5.4.

Really really really good stuff and top marks

Very well presented introduction to key features of PHP 5.4.

Great talk. Lorna managed to deliver a talk with all the bits that make sense and inspire everyone to see how each aspect can make sense to them and their business, instead of just telling us why.

No need to be nervous at all! Well done. No one hassled you with other features, so you brought a great selection of information!

Well presented and talk itself was very useful and helpful!!

This wasn't the track I intended to go to, but in the end I was glad I did. While I'm not expecting to be able to use the new(ish) stuff in my day-job any time soon (although if enough of us start asking for it maybe the people who look after the servers will make it happen), some of the new features will be greatly useful for personal projects, and Lorna pointed out some things I hadn't noticed (such as type hinting for 'Callable', and a few deprecated features).

Delivered with her usual warmth and confidence, a thoroughly enjoyable talk.

very helpful talk, do love a good wistle stop tour of the best bits :)

Great presentation of PHP 5.4, certainly got excited about the server which should not be used in production.

I wish I could put some useful feedback to help the speaker improve their talk but I honestly can't. The talk was highly relevant, well paced and delivered with confidence and humour to a large audience. There was a single slide where coloured text on a black background couldn't be read (the lighting in that track seems to make the slides wash out their contrast for all speakers) but apart from that, I can't suggest any improvements.

Top talk - first on my list to take some action on when I get back to the office. Thanks

Anonymous at 18:30 on 7 Oct 2012

Slightly preachy with the "don't use the builtin webserver in production" thing, but a decent introduction to *some* of the new bits in PHP 5.4

My only criticism would be that the upgrade process from 5.3 to 5.4 was over-trivialised.

It might also have been nice to mention which - if any - of the big PHP projects out there (ZF2 etc) are using any of these new bits and bobs

Speech clear and confident.

It was a good reminder of all the things I should be looking at using! Really useful talk, made me confident to go and try things out.

very helpful, i will actually go into work on Monday and try out all the new features Lorna mentioned

Great talk highlighting some amazing new features of PHP 5.4. I look forward to having a play with these new features.

Very nice overview and well presented.

Nice overview - As with all of Lorna's talk I took something away from this (and thanks for the explanation on conflict resolution with traits - if i'd RTFM, i'd have found !)

Good to see the highlights of 5.4 brought out in clear examples. Good variety of content, example code was clear, presentation was great.

Well delivered talk showing the highlights of 5.4. If only I'd realized the usefulness of the built-in web server prior to Fridays hackathon I might have saved some time getting set up locally.

Anonymous at 11:34 on 9 Oct 2012

Useful talk, thanks

Some excellent highlights of the new goodies we get to play with in 5.4, summed up in a way that made them easy to digest. Also some great comparisons and stats across previous versions for performance - managed to get everyone in the room hunkering for an upgrade!

Sorry Lorna but I felt the talk didn't really have any bite and could easily have been covered in 20 mins. I was hoping for more info and examples of Traits (practical use cases etc.) and maybe some details on the optimisations that have been made (it turns out from other talks that Objects are now often faster than Arrays for value storage) but was quite disappointed.

Really useful overview of the stuff we need to know. Well presented too.

For someone who hasn't had time to dig into 5.4 much myself this was a valuable source of information. I think I now know that the built in webserver is not for production! The only bad point for me was that code samples were too small to be seen properly from the back, which was mostly the fault of the projector contrast.

A good overview of the new features of PHP 5.4. With code examples I find boring real world use classes more helpful than the slightly surreal ones presented here. The performance stats were interesting.

An excellent way to learn what's new - there's already things I can't wait to start using. The code examples were helpful and appreciated, and everything was clearly and confidently explained

Thanks for the jsonSerializable bit, I hadn't seen that one yet. It will certainly come in handy for our API once we switch to 5.4 :)