Talk comments

Adam Evans at 11:46 on 12 Oct 2017

Haha blast from the past!! Great talk! Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

Adam Evans at 11:45 on 12 Oct 2017

This was an interesting topic and potentially a useful tool. I would have like to see a run through on a live example. It’s a shame that you cannot mask the page to ignore bits you know will change. However I can see the benefits.

Adam Evans at 10:32 on 12 Oct 2017

Great talk, good to know how these little changes can affect the size!! Very informative!

Adam Evans at 08:39 on 12 Oct 2017

Hahaha hilarious!! Really entertaining and great points to!!

Peter Fisher at 23:52 on 11 Oct 2017

oh this was a trip down memory lane. my first website was built using AOL press and then we upgraded to frontpage. Super fun talk.

Peter Fisher at 23:50 on 11 Oct 2017

very interesting tool. unfortunately with design we cannot remove the human interaction. im glad you made the point about the false positives. it would be interesting to see what other companies do and/or how the BBC implement this in their deployment pipeline

A stimulating talk. A really appropriate use-case would be interesting.

Potentially a very helpful tool and well presented. More details of practical issues and limitations would be interesting to me (a second session?).

Great to learn how some simple changes in the Dockerfile can make such a difference in size/transfer speed and attack surface.

Great talk - now I can stop messing with the profiler and all that refactoring to take select out of loops.