Talk comments

Good introduction to SA tools. Lots of useful information and pragmatic advice. For legacy code I've never thought of running CI at a lower level then DEV.

I agree that SA tools can result in fewer tests required, although I'm not sure that your talk convinced me that to be the case.
Perhaps a different example would make a more compelling argument? I can't quite remember the example; if I recall there was a flag, if true the car would drive and if false the car would fly? I'd argue that test suite should cover both branches (and thus would find the bug). Maybe select a different example where even high coverage tests would still not uncover a bug?

Great talk all the same and I'm sure those who are not using SA will be tempted to try it tomorrow.

Top Secret at 22:38 on 14 May 2020

An easy and fun to follow talk. Great and convincing advocate for ValueObjects.

Top Secret at 22:35 on 14 May 2020

Perfectly balanced talked. Interesting insights and explanations, why arrays behave as they behave. And perfect alternative and better implementation suggestions.
Just the generator part went a little too far.

Fun talk with some technical insight an good hand on tipps - even though I did not need any convincing to begin with ;)

Very beginner friendly, but not many tipps and tricks for advanced users.

Arjan Kleene at 21:52 on 14 May 2020

Interesting talk with lots of options for arrays, and a comparison (memory/time) between arrays and objects.